• Vacuum pump accessories - vacuum pump oil

    Vacuum pump accessories - vacuum pump oil The lubricants supplied by Leybold Vacuum Pump Oil Leybold are specially formulated to meet the high requirements of vacuum process aContact Now

  • Intake filter

    Intake filter Laibao original dust filter can effectively organize dust and other particulate matter into the pump cavity during use, and protect tContact Now

  • Maintenance kit

    Maintenance kit Applicable to the Leybold vacuum pump, the vacuum pump needs regular maintenance, otherwise the vacuum is not enough or the pumping sContact Now

  • Oil filter

    Oil filter Laibao original oil filter and filter element effectively remove impurities in the pump oil to ensure the service life of the pump oiContact Now

  • Exhaust filter

    Exhaust filter Leybold's original imported exhaust filter can effectively remove the oil mist contained in the exhaust of the single-pole rotary vanContact Now