Vacuum pump accessories - vacuum pump oil

Vacuum pump accessories - vacuum pump oil

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Vacuum pump accessories - Leybold vacuum pump oil

The Leybold vacuum pump is specially formulated by Leybold to meet the high requirements of vacuum process applications. It has low saturated vapor pressure, low water content and low water absorption at high temperatures. Its viscosity characteristics are stable; its lubricating performance is excellent; it has the characteristics of heat-resistant solution and mechanical stress resistance. Depending on the application (hydrolysis or oxidation, non-combustible, DOT compatible, food grade certification, etc.), different types of lubricants, greases and lubricants can be used.

We can supply all of Leybold's range of vacuum pump oils as follows:

LEYBOLD Leybold vacuum pump oil L13020/LVO130

Leybold vacuum pump oil LVO100

Leybold vacuum pump oil LVO108

Leybold vacuum pump oil LVO210

Leybold vacuum pump oil LVO410

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