Ingersoll Rand High Pressure Machine - HP Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand High Pressure Machine - HP Air Compressor

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High pressure machine - HP

Product introduction:

For 75 years, Ingersoll Rand's high-pressure air compressors have preceded the compressor market with their superior quality. This air-cooled, multi-stage compression, splash-lubricated air compressor unit has a motor power range of 15-20 hp and a design pressure from 30 Barg to 414 Barg. When you need a high-pressure air system with low operating costs but outstanding performance, Ingersoll Rand's high-pressure machine is your trusted choice.

Ingersoll Rand now also offers you a flexible, armored, integrated high-pressure air system solution. While meeting the needs of different industries with high quality, it provides customers with convenience, saves energy, reduces operating and maintenance costs, and improves production efficiency. With Ingersoll Rand's specially designed control system to achieve superior functions, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronics, blow molding, refrigeration, rubber, valves, wood, alumina and other industries. The common thing is to blow the high pressure machine !