SSR two-stage screw injection air compressor

SSR two-stage screw injection air compressor

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SSR two-stage screw injection air compressor

Product introduction:

The main engine of SSR two-stage fuel injection air compressor has two pairs of rotors, which divides the compression into two stages. After the first stage compressed air is compressed into the second stage compression, the whole compression efficiency is greatly improved, and energy consumption is saved by 15%. .

The interstage cooling uses Ingersoll Rand's patented curtain cooling method, which simplifies the structure and improves the compression efficiency.

Ingersoll Rand's super coolant is a special coolant for compressors on the market. It performs exceptionally well in cooling, lubrication and sealing, with a lifespan of up to two years or 8,000 hours, and with its special separation properties, it greatly reduces the oil content of the compressed air.

Screw compressor oil has a great impact on the reliability, economy and longevity of the oil- injected screw compressor. However, the selection and application of screw compressor oil is often misled by commercial speculation. The type of lubricant and the oil change interval are the focus of the hot speculation.