Dry screw vacuum pump

Dry screw vacuum pump

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Dry vacuum pump

SCREWLINE Laibao screw vacuum pump is designed according to the special requirements of industrial applications!

The dry screw vacuum pump is a pumping device that uses a pair of screws to make a synchronous high-speed reverse rotation in the pump casing, and the two screws are corrected by fine dynamic balance, supported by bearings, and installed in the pump. In the shell, there is a certain gap between the screw and the screw. Therefore, when the pump is working, there is no friction between each other, the operation is stable, the noise is low, and the working chamber does not need lubricating oil. Therefore, the dry screw pump can remove a large amount of water vapor. With a small amount of dust gas, the ultimate vacuum is higher, the power consumption is lower, energy saving, maintenance-free and so on. It is a new generation of oil-sealed/water ring/jet vacuum pumps.

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