Single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Product Details

Oil seal vacuum pump - single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Pumping speed: 14,5 m3|/s

Ultimate pressure: ≤0,5 mbar

Leybold vacuum pump - oil seal vacuum pump The mechanical vacuum pump which uses oil to keep the moving parts sealed and the pumping chamber volume change is collectively called the oil-sealed vacuum pump. The working principle of the oil-sealed vacuum pump is to mechanically increase and decrease the pump chamber working volume to pump air. When the working chamber volume in the pump chamber becomes small, it communicates with the inlet conduit of the pump, so that the gas enters the pump suction chamber until the suction chamber volume is large and re-separated from the intake port. When the volume is reduced, the gas is compressed until the pressure of the gas is greater than one atmosphere, and the exhaust valve is opened to vent the gas.

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