• ISO-KF valve

    ISO-KF valve The ISO-KF valve ISO-KF valve is designed for small flange systems. The valve has four drive modes (manual, pneumatic, electro-pneumaContact Now

  • Micro valve

    Micro valve Vacuum Pump Accessories - Miniature Valves Micro-series microvalves are ideal for space-constrained installation requirements.Contact Now

  • ISO-K valve

    ISO-K valve ISO-K valves ISO-K valves are used for clamping flange systems. There are three drive modes (manual, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic)Contact Now

  • CF gate valve

    CF gate valve The application of the CF gate valve HUV requires the use of a robust and bakeable all metal valve. Oerlikon Laibao ZheContact Now

  • HV/HUV gate valve

    HV/HUV gate valve Vacuum Pump Accessories - HV/HUV Gate Valves HV and HUV Gate Valves are available for different types of flange system vacuum systemsContact Now

  • ISO-KF flange connectors and components

    ISO-KF flange connectors and components ISO-KF flange joints and component flange systems have different standards for flange connections: small flanges (ISO-KF) DN16 to DN5Contact Now