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Selection requirements for pump oil in Leybold vacuum pump accessories
- 2018-08-13-

The selection of pump oil in Leybold vacuum pump accessories :

One: sealing

The pump oil in the vacuum pump fittings should have a suitable viscosity, and the vacuum pump can be started at a low temperature. The pump oil can have a good sealing performance at a high temperature, and the pump oil has a low temperature rise in the pump. Does not contain light volatile components, reducing the return rate of the vacuum pump during operation.

Two: the smoothness of the pump oil in the vacuum pump accessories

Friction and wear of the friction surface, wear and wear on the surface, corrosion and wear are all related to the smooth condition. The performance of the pump oil is good for suppressing corrosion and wear; it can effectively reduce the adhesive wear and the appearance of fatigue and wear; the fluid smoothing agent has a cleaning effect on the friction surface and can also reduce the friction and wear. Reduce frictional resistance to save energy and reduce wear and tear to extend mechanical life.

Three: cooling performance

Reducing the temperature of the friction surface is an important part of smoothness. When the friction surface moves, it is necessary to restrain the friction and work, and the work that is used to restrain the friction is all converted into heat, and as a result, the temperature of the friction surface rises. The amount of frictional heat is related to the smooth state. The heat with high viscosity is large, the heat with low viscosity is small, and the heat of border friction is between the two. It can be seen that the pump oil with suitable viscosity can not only complete the smoothness of the liquid, reduce the generation of frictional heat, but also can bring the frictional heat out of the pump body in time.

Five: oxidation stability of pump oil

Oxidation stability clarifies the anti-aging properties of smooth oils, and this special performance request is available for pump oils used in industrial assembly lines. All smooth oils have different levels of auto-oxidation tendency depending on their chemical composition and external conditions. In the presence of air (or oxygen) and metal catalyst, the pump oil will exhibit acid value, viscosity change and precipitate formation in the oxidation time at a certain temperature. Oxidation will occur with the application process, so some aldehydes, ketones, acids and colloids, asphaltenes and the like are gradually formed, and oxidation stability is to suppress the above-mentioned properties which are not favorable for the use of oils.

Four: cleanliness

Prevent contact with surrounding media during friction, causing corrosion, rust and damage. The pump oil with excellent performance should be cleaned as much as possible by cleaning the friction area.

The above is the selection of the pump oil in the Laibao vacuum pump parts for everyone's summary, I hope to help you!

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