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LMF natural gas compressor failure precautions
- 2018-08-31-

The main causes of failure of LMF natural gas compressors are: failure to comply with the rules, design defects, parts problems, installation inspection quality does not meet the requirements.

The main reason is that the rules are not followed and the problems that occur after the parts are worn out.

Problems that are easy to occur with operating rules:

1. Check if the externally visible fasteners such as screws are not tightened.

2, whether there are problems such as odor, air leakage, etc.

3. Check the power and parameters for normal operation according to the code.

Part problem:

1. Check the main parts for corrosion or serious wear. If so, please contact the manufacturer in time to replace the machine to avoid malfunction or wear.

2. When inspecting and replacing the oil or lubricating oil, pay attention to check whether the parts have problems or whether the oil or lubricating oil is too dirty or the cooling effect is poor. If there is please pay attention to replace

3. Pay attention to the vulnerable parts such as valve discs and valve springs. These parts are easy to wear and are not easy to detect. It is more likely to cause some minor problems in the machine, but it will be even bigger if it is not processed for a long time.

The basic principles to be followed in troubleshooting LMF natural gas compressors:

1. Environmental conditions of equipment operation: power source, gas source, connection, other related equipment, temperature, pressure, etc.

2. The phenomenon of vibration, abnormal noise, displayed parameters and the gap between its normal operation

3. Normal operation of the valve, fastening of components, temperature of the pipeline, etc.