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The role of screw compressor oil
- 2018-08-13-

The screw compressor oil is generally a hydraulic lubricating oil, which can be separated from ordinary petroleum smelting (ordinary engine oil), synthesized by adding oil additives (semi-synthetic motor oil), synthesized through a large amount of additive raw materials (all synthetic motor oil), Synthesized in the state of the base oil, the service life and price of the three are also different. The specific heat capacity of the screw oil should not be too high or too low. Too high: It will cause the oil circulation fan to cool down and the temperature will continue to rise. Too low: It will cause too little heat in the oil to reach the cooling effect required by the main unit.

Screw compressor oil classification, but many countries (including the United States, Europe, Japan) do not have a separate classification of compressor oil, compressor manufacturers in these countries recommend engine oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil or automatic transmission fluid. If you want to replace the compressor oil with other oils, you need to choose the right lubricant according to the actual conditions of the compressor, such as compressor structure and compressor medium. In addition, after selecting the type and type of lubricant, choose the right viscosity.


1. When the screw compressor is running at medium speed, it will generate a lot of heat. It needs cooling to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At this time, the special oil of the screw compressor acts as a cooling function, and the machine head cools through the oil circuit to ensure the machine. normal operation.

2. The screw main machine is two rotors that do not rub each other and squeeze each other. If there is no friction, it means there is a gap, and the function of the screw oil is to have a sealing effect and improve the efficiency of pumping.