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Storage and precautions for vacuum pump oil in Leybold vacuum pump accessories
- 2018-09-12-

Storage and precautions for vacuum pump oil in Leybold vacuum pump accessories :


1) Do not stand in an open air environment to prevent intrusion of water and debris.

2) The indoor storage can be placed upright with the barrel facing up for easy extraction.

3) Tighten the sealing cap to keep the oil drum sealed.

4) Keep the barrel surface clean and clear.

5) Keep the bottom surface clean and easy to find when leaking oil.

6) Do a good job of registering in the warehouse, first come first.

7) Frequently extracted oil is placed on the oil drum rack and controlled to be discharged by a switch.

8) The new oil should be placed separately from the waste oil. The container filled with waste oil should not be filled with new oil to prevent pollution.


1) The oil should be stored separately and no flammable materials should be placed around.

2) If the oil is found to be abnormal or has passed the oil change period, it should be sampled and handed over to the professional company for testing.

3) Clean the container and tools such as oil pumping and oil pot before each refueling.

4) Fireworks are strictly prohibited, and fires are not allowed to enter the oil depot.

5) After each addition or replacement of the lubricating oil, make a mechanical maintenance record.

6) Equipped with no less than 2 fire extinguishers.

7) Do not accumulate the tarpaulin after cleaning the machine or remove the oil to avoid combustion.

8) The mechanical solvent must be rinsed before changing the oil, and the water-soluble cleaning agent is not available.

9) Separate storage and place flammable mark by flammable special oil or chemical solvent.