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Nitrogen compressor related applications
- 2018-09-28-

Nitrogen compressor related applications:

First, the improvement of the control system:

The control system of the gas compressor is generally relatively simple. In some compressors with earlier years, the motor used is mostly a wound motor, and the starting mode is started by a frequency sensitive varistor. In recent years, it has basically been changed to use squirrel cage motors, many of which use direct start mode. The starting current of this starting mode is too large, there is a great safety hazard, which brings many disadvantages in terms of safety and operation. In order to improve these problems, we changed the control system of the motor to the star-delta startup mode to reduce the starting current, and added chain and alarm functions to the entire control system, mainly for the fuel supply system and water supply system of the equipment. The interlocking and alarm functions, at the same time, set the alarm function for the three-stage exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure. When there is oil break or water cut, the control system will give an alarm indication and delay the shutdown to protect the nitrogen compressor. When the third-stage exhaust temperature and pressure exceed the set planting, the system will also sound an alarm to remind the operator to eliminate the problem in time to avoid the occurrence of a safety accident.

Second, the choice of piston ring:

The material used in the piston ring of a general gas compressor is polytetrafluoroethylene, which has good self-lubricating properties, but has poor thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and form stability, and in the process of waterless lubrication, The temperature inside the cylinder is obviously increased, resulting in a greatly reduced service life of the piston ring. Therefore, in order to solve the above problems, according to the experience of other gas manufacturers and the multiple experiments of the piston ring manufacturer, the material used in the production of the piston ring is used. Riga filler method to improve the shortcomings of polytetrafluoroethylene, called filled polytetrafluoroethylene, piston ring filled with polytetrafluoroethylene, its wear resistance and service life depend on the composition of the material Compared with the structure of the piston ring, the ratio of the composition of the filled polytetrafluoroethylene filler is mainly from the aspects of the compressed medium, the structure of the compressor, the rotational speed of the machine, etc. It has been found that graphite is the main additive. To increase the lubricity of the piston ring, and then add a certain amount of bronze powder to increase the mechanical strength of the piston ring, using the above materials to fill the poly Ethylene production piston ring, which greatly reduces the coefficient of friction, the service life prolonged correspondingly;

Third, the improvement of the cooling performance of the cylinder:

Due to the use of waterless lubrication, the temperature of the cylinders of the compressors has a certain increase, and the temperature rise of the three-stage cylinders is large. In order to improve the heat dissipation of the cylinders of this class and avoid excessive temperature rise, the third stage is produced. When the cylinder is used, the manufacturer of the cylinder is required to design the outer wall of the cylinder into a fin type, and the inner wall is provided with a copper sleeve with good thermal conductivity and wear resistance. The performance and life of the cylinder produced by the above method are greatly improved;

Fourth, the improvement of the pipeline system:

In order to improve the purity of the compressed gas and improve the working condition of the compressor, a balance gas tank is added between the front stage of the compressor and the fractionation tower, and the volume is about 0.5-1.0 cubic to meet the needs, and the compressor is advanced. The gas pipe mouth is changed to be perforated in the first-stage valve cover, and the pipe is directly connected with the balance gas tank, and the diameter of the intake pipe is thickened, thereby reducing the resistance of the pipe to the gas, increasing the flow rate of the gas, thereby increasing the compressor. The amount of intake air during the suction movement of the primary piston. Pipeline connection between the original inlet of the compressor and the balance gas tank. When the sealing performance of the seal is not good, the pipe provides a certain pressure to prevent air from leaking from the gap between the seal and the piston rod. Into the cylinder, thus ensuring the purity of the compressed nitrogen, through the improved compressor conditions have been greatly improved;