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Twin screw air compressor maintenance process
- 2018-09-04-

The twin-screw air compressor is an indispensable part of the factory equipment. In the process of purchasing, the general factory is very careful, through the bidding and other methods, through the layer screening, comparison and determination of the machine.

At the same time, after the equipment arrives at the factory, the leaders rarely care about the operation of the equipment. The maintenance situation is usually the maintenance or the part-time management of the equipment department. Because these people lack the necessary professional knowledge and relevant experience, they give the factory In the process of using it caused no small trouble.

Twin screw air compressor maintenance process

1: Stop, power off, start the maintenance of the unit first, and take out all the accessories that need to be replaced. After comparing the dimensions, confirm the same, start to disassemble the unit parts and replace the screws.

2: The cooling effect of the screw air compressor cooler directly affects the operating temperature of the air compressor, so the maintenance of the cooler needs to be periodically purged with dry compressed air. If the surface of the cooler is full of oil and cannot be blown clean, then the radiator should be removed and washed with high-pressure water of the car to restore the cooling effect of the screw air compressor radiator.

3: Built-in oil core, be sure to clean the mat on the oil cover, add the oil, put the oil core, change the oil cover, and tighten the screws diagonally.

4: The oil filter must be tightened with an oil filter wrench to ensure no dripping or oil leakage.

5: Wipe the air filter casing quickly, install a clean air filter, and tighten.

6: After the running of the new air compressor for 500 hours, the oil core should be replaced. Use a special wrench to remove the oil filter. Remove the new filter cartridge and add the screw oil. The filter seal is screwed back to the oil filter seat and tightened tightly. It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. When the environment is bad, the replacement cycle should be shortened.