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What should I do if the Leybold vacuum pump is stuck?
- 2018-09-21-

Although the Leybold vacuum pump is a vacuum pump imported from Germany, if the vacuum pump of the best quality is not maintained in time after long-term work, some faults will occur more or less. For example: Leybold vacuum pump suddenly stuck, can not start! Leybold vacuum pump stuck also said that the Leybold vacuum pump can not start, in fact, the same concept, Leybold vacuum pump has a single-stage rotary vane pump, bipolar rotary vane pump, Roots pump, screw pump. For the vacuum pump of different structure to be stuck, the maintenance method is different.

To understand the cause of the Leybold vacuum pump stuck, we must first understand the structure of the Leybold vacuum pump.

The Leybold vacuum pump consists of a vacuum pump body (cylinder, rotor), fuel tank, oil pipe, coupling, motor (motor) and so on.

The Leybold vacuum pump is a rotary vane vacuum pump with an oil vacuum pump. The oil vacuum pump is lubricated with vacuum pump oil.

The vacuum pump oil not only acts as a lubricant in the rotary vane vacuum pump, but also acts as a seal. The pressure and flow of the vacuum pump are guaranteed by the normal operation of the vacuum pump oil.

Leybold vacuum pump failure analysis: vacuum pump can not run (motor does not turn)
the reason:

1. The wire is too long or too thin, and the voltage is too low

Use normal wires to provide normal voltage

2. Motor overload protection is too small

According to the rated current of the motor, select the motor overload protector

3. The fuse is blown

Find out the cause of the fuse blow and connect the fuse

4. The capacitance of the single-phase motor is bad.

Repair motor

5. The vacuum pump or motor is stuck

Check and repair the vacuum pump or motor

6. Motor damage

Repair or replace the motor