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Performance of vacuum pump oil in Leybold vacuum pump accessories
- 2018-10-17-

The vacuum pump oil in the Leybold vacuum pump fittings is a kind of lubricating oil specially developed for vacuum pumps on vacuum equipment. It is divided into mineral oil and synthetic oil.

The vacuum pump oil has better oxidation stability, and it is not easy to deteriorate under long-term contact with air, resin, chemical raw materials, etc. under high temperature conditions, reducing the formation of harmful paint film and grease stain, and providing a long oil change period.

The vacuum pump oil has excellent rust and corrosion resistance and can form a very effective anti-corrosion film on the metal surface, thereby completely preventing system corrosion caused by inhalation of corrosive gases and moisture.

The vacuum pump oil quickly separates the entrained moisture from the oil to achieve the desired degree of vacuum.

The vacuum pump oil has a lower vapor pressure to prevent the oil from returning from the inner cavity of the pump to the vacuum system to cause oil return. This ensures that there is sufficient ultimate vacuum.

Vacuum pump system:

1. Pump body: It adopts German imported Leybold brand pump body and single-stage oil-sealed rotary vane pump.

2. Check valve: Italy imported check valve to prevent gas backflow and protect the pump body.

3. Air filter: Filter out the dust and impurities in the air to protect the pump body.

4. Metal hose: 304 stainless steel metal hose, shock absorption and anti-shake, protect the pump body.

5. Air pump main valve: use high quality ball valve to control the air flow size.

6. Vacuum gauge: The vacuum is displayed by the pointer, the precision is high, and the degree of vacuum is visually displayed.

7. Gas storage tank: It adopts 500L capacity, full rigidity, good sealing performance and good pressure resistance.

8. Inlet copper valve: 1-6 can be installed according to customer requirements.

9. Universal wheel: easy to move.

10Electrical control box: manual, automatic control switching, can set the upper and lower pressure limit, current, voltage, vacuum degree display, system running time, leakage, overload, phase sequence protection, emergency stop button.