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The characteristics and uses of the Leybold vacuum pump
- 2018-10-17-

Germany LEYBOLD is one of the world's largest suppliers of vacuum equipment. Leybold's SOGEVAC series pump is a single-stage oil rotary rotary vacuum product with simple design, light weight and structural consideration. It is not only suitable for many different industrial processes, but also for research experiments. Based on decades of improvement and research, the pump's operation sound is very quiet, does not produce annoying noise, and is recognized by many customers in different industries. The main features of the Leybold vacuum pump SOGEVAC series are:

1. Pu can be used from atmospheric pressure to pressure

2. Under low vacuum pressure, the pump can still maintain good pumping speed.

3. Leybold vacuum PUMP low noise, low vibration

4. LEYBOLD PUMP built-in outlet filter, up to 99.9% oil and gas filtration effect

5. Superior water vapor removal function

6. Air cooling, economical convenience

7. The air inlet is equipped with a check valve to prevent the vacuum oil from flowing back when the pump stops.

8. Compact, small size and space saving

9. Very easy to maintain

Product Usage:

Since the SOGEVAC series is operated from a pressure of 1000 mbar to a pressure of 0.08 mbar. Therefore, LEYBOLDPUMP has a wide range of applications, such as food packaging, metal industry, petrochemical industry, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum suction, medical technology, electronic technology, semiconductor industry, vacuum plating, aerospace industry and other purposes.