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Twin screw air compressor High temperature influence factor!
- 2018-10-26-

There are many factors affecting the high temperature of twin-screw air compressors , so what are the reasons? Let's take a look!

The reasons for the high temperature of the twin-screw air compressor are as follows:

One: the temperature sensor is faulty, the temperature sensor is mainly used for temperature measurement of the air compressor, and the control temperature is between the rated data, so that the temperature is transmitted to the control system of the air compressor under the action of the thermal resistance. The effective protection of the air compressor within the rated temperature will not function as a temperature measurement if the temperature sensor fails.

Second: the temperature control valve is stuck. The function of the temperature control valve is to control the injection temperature of the main engine of the screw air compressor; it uses the temperature control element to control the opening degree of the valve core according to the oil temperature, thereby controlling the amount of oil passing through the oil cooler, allowing the cold and hot oil to be mixed. After going to the host, it controls the fuel injection and exhaust temperature! If the temperature control valve is not in place or stuck, it will cause the temperature to be too high.

Three: The oil filter is clogged. The function of the oil filter is to filter the impurities in the lubricating oil and protect the main body of the screw air compressor. If it is not replaced for a long time, or the environment used is rather bad, the oil filter is clogged, the oil flow inside the compressor is small, and the main engine cannot get a sufficient amount of lubricating oil to cool in time, and high temperature may occur. Solution: Replace the oil filter or do a full oil line maintenance.

Four: The cooling water is insufficient, the cooling water pressure is low, and the cooling water temperature is high. Excessive dust in the cooling water causes blockage and poor heat dissipation.

Five: The cooler is clogged. The cooler is also known as the “heat sink”. The lubricating oil circulating inside the screw air compressor is cooled by the cooler and then flows back to the compression host. When the cooler is dirty, the air compressor oil is not cooled. This recycling will lead to high temperatures. Solution: Clean the cooler with dry compressed air. If it cannot be cleaned, remove it and clean it.

Sixth: Increase the ventilation fan to make the indoor and outdoor air flow bigger and faster, thus reducing the room temperature.

Seven: Lack of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil of the twin-screw air compressor not only has lubrication and sealing effect, but also mainly cools the unit, which is also called “coolant”. When the machine lacks coolant, the heat generated by the air compressor cannot be cooled. , the temperature will rise higher and higher, which is one of the main factors causing the high temperature of the screw air compressor. Solution: Add air compressor oil, if it is high temperature caused by deterioration of lubricating oil, replace it.