The role of screw air compressor oil

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  • Screw air compressor oil is generally hydraulic lubricating oil, which can be divided into ordinary petroleum smelted oil (ordinary oil), synthesized by adding oil additives (semi-synthetic oil), and synthesized by a large number of additive raw materials (fully synthetic oil). It is synthesized in the state of base oil, and the service life and price of the three are also different. The specific heat capacity of the screw oil cannot be too high or too low. Too high: it will cause the oil circulation fan to cool down in time and the temperature will continue to rise. Too low: it will cause too little heat in the oil, which will not achieve the cooling effect required by the host.
  • Screw air compressor oil is classified, but many countries (including the United States, Europe, Japan) do not have a separate compressor oil classification. Compressor manufacturers in these countries recommend engine oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil or automatic transmission fluid. If you want to use other oils to replace screw air compressor oil, you need to choose a suitable lubricant according to the actual situation of the compressor, such as compressor structure and compressor medium. In addition, after selecting the lubricating oil varieties and types, choose the appropriate viscosity.
    Screw air compressor oil function:
    1. The screw air compressor runs at a medium speed during operation, so a large amount of heat is generated, and cooling is required to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At this time, the special oil for the screw air compressor acts as a cooling effect, and the head is cooled by the oil circuit. Ensure the normal operation of the machine.
    2. The screw main engine is that the two rotors that do not rub against each other squeeze each other to pump air. The non-friction means there is a gap, and the function of the screw oil is to have a sealing effect and improve the efficiency of air pumping.
    3. The last one is the lubrication of screw air compressor oil.
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