Leybold DV800: higher, faster, stronger

Time:2020-12-02 00:16:33 Source: 优尼捷 View: 811
  • Leybold DRYVAC series flagship new product DV800 was released. In addition to having excellent family genes, DV800 brings higher pumping speed and energy efficiency, faster pumping time and stronger overall performance. On the basis of the same compact size and floor space as the DV650, the DV800 achieves a larger pumping speed and higher energy efficiency through innovative rotor and drive technology. This is the embodiment of Leybold’s 170 years of vacuum experience and also represents Leybold Continuously pursue the spirit of innovation.
  • Product advantages Fully sealed design; 19.6kW integrated water-cooled motor, IE3 energy efficiency rating, standard inverter, benchmark energy saving; I/O port or RS485 communication, which is conducive to integration, and has communication expansion capabilities such as Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet, Profibus and EtherCAT; Integrated monitoring of pump temperature, exhaust pressure, current, frequency, etc., to protect the long-term reliable operation of the vacuum pump; Motor and rotor supply shaft design, compact design, small footprint; Excellent dust and water vapor treatment capacity; IP54 protection level; GGG40 ductile iron material, reliable and durable;
  • Scope of application
    • The release of DV800 new products will provide customers in industries such as lithium batteries, industrial furnaces, solar energy, coating machines, semiconductors, steelmaking, food and even scientific research with greater pumping speed options, faster pumping times and more energy savings.
  • Product Series
    • DRYVAC series dry screw pumps are Leybold's star products and the main force of dry vacuum pumps. DRYVAC has won the favor of many customers with its low power consumption, low noise, small volume, large pumping speed and high reliability. DRYVAC series dry screw vacuum pumps are designed for intelligent manufacturing. All DRYVAC models have intelligent features, providing benchmark-level energy efficiency, reliability and future IoT integration capabilities.

    • After the DV800 is launched, the DRYVAC family will have DV200, 300, 500, 650, 800, DV1200, DV1600 and other models, covering a pumping speed range from 200 to 1600m3/h to meet the requirements of different customers, different equipment, and different pumping speeds.

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