Hospital vacuum suction system Leybold Vacuum provides you a solution

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  • During the new crown epidemic, Leybold provided vacuum pumps and spare parts for the negative pressure suction system to many hospitals, and opened a green channel for the inquiries of hospitals, so as to respond to the demand as soon as possible and deliver it as soon as possible.
  • 1. Hospital negative pressure suction system The medical negative pressure suction system is composed of a vacuum suction station, suction pipelines and terminal equipment, which can be used continuously for every ward for 24 hours. The negative pressure source of the negative pressure suction system is a vacuum unit, and the system is operated by a vacuum pump. Negative pressure is generated and transported to various wards through pipelines for hospital use. 2. Application challenges of hospital negative pressure suction system The design purpose of the negative pressure suction system is to extract air, as well as waste fluids (sputum, pus, secretions, blood, etc.), solid particles and aerosols in the patient's body. If it is not handled properly, these medical wastes are likely to stick to the pipeline, Inside the vacuum tank and vacuum pump. The hospital negative pressure suction system must comply with the standard GB50751-2012 "Technical Specification for Medical Gas Engineering". On February 4, 2020, in order to deal with the risk that the exhaust port of the negative pressure suction system may cause the second transmission of the virus, the General Office of the National Health Commission issued an emergency report on the comprehensive emergency investigation and rectification of the location of the vacuum pump exhaust port in the hospital. The Notice requires that if the location of the exhaust outlet of the vacuum pump room does not meet the specifications during the investigation, the designated hospital should immediately rectify it, and add exhaust disinfection treatment facilities at the vacuum pump exhaust port; other medical institutions should rectify within a limited time. 3. Leybold Hospital Negative Pressure Suction System Solution As a 170-year-old manufacturer of vacuum pumps, Leybold can provide a variety of different pump types for hospital negative pressure systems, including reliable and durable oil-type rotary vane pumps, dry-type oil-free claw pumps, and the quieter and energy-saving Varodry series Dry screw pumps, the three different pump types are all standard vacuum pumps produced by Leybold, which can meet the different needs of hospital customers and provide vacuum solutions close to their needs. Provide hospitals with safe, reliable, redundant negative pressure that meets pumping speed and vacuum requirements to prevent virus spread and secondary pollution。
  • Oil type rotary vane pump There are a large number of applications in all walks of life. With its high reliability and high cost performance, Leybold has become the most used pump type for negative pressure in hospitals. It operates stably and can withstand a certain amount of water vapor and dust. The exhaust pressure is high, normally 1.2bar, and the maximum can reach 1.4bar, which is conducive to the installation of exhaust treatment facilities. The temperature in the pump cavity is high> 80°C, which has a certain sterilization effect, and the pump oil and exhaust filter need to be replaced regularly. Dry clawless pump The structure is simple, dry and oil-free; the rotor is made of stainless steel, and the inner wall of the pump cavity is coated with anti-corrosion, which can cope with the corrosion of the pump by medical waste; the smart air-cooling design does not require cooling water; the performance is superior, and the inverter motor is standard , Low power consumption; maintenance-free, the rotor is a cantilever design, which is conducive to disassembly and cleaning; strong resistance to water vapor; high pump chamber temperature> 120 °C, which is conducive to sterilization; high allowable exhaust pressure, which is conducive to exhaust treatment; above These characteristics make it the most suitable pump type for hospital negative pressure system. Dry screw pump The new product launched by Leybold in 2019 is completely oil-free, reliable and durable, and the design concept of coping with water vapor and dust makes it a success once it is launched. It is the first attempt in the industry to apply it to the negative pressure suction system of a hospital. Its biggest advantage lies in its extremely low noise performance and more energy saving. I believe it will win more customers' recognition after being used in the Henan Hospital Project. Nanjing Hunter is the agent of Leybold vacuum pump in the lithium battery industry, and the authorized regions are Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, and Shandong. Nanjing Hunter provides customers with dry vacuum pumps, nitrogen compressors, sulfur hexafluoride (sf6) compressors, helium compressors, high-pressure machines, Leybold vacuum pumps, Leybold leak detectors, Leybold vacuum pump oil and other industrial equipment, We not only provide customers with air compressors, but also provide customers with oil-free compressed gas system solutions.