Screw air compressor UNI2-300KW


Flow rate



  • Achieve higher production efficiency with lower operating cost 

    UNIGY provides you with a complete air compression solution so as to help you obtain reliable compressed air power sources and greater profits.   

    Relying on leading design concept and excellent performance, UNIGY enables your unit to obtain more compressed air with lower energy consumption, so as to save the operating cost to a greater extent. 

    Greater flexibility creates greater productivity 

    UNIGY is characterized by extremely low operating noise, which allows the unit to be installed nearby the air consumption point, and therefore reduces the installation cost and ensures a safer operating environment; and stable exhaust pressure, which eliminates energy loss and prolongs the service life of air consuming devices and application tools.

Technology innovation brings a leading edge 

UNIGY unit is characterized by integrated design, which reduces leakage and pressure loss and improves operating efficiency and performance. It also features better performance, higher efficiency and more convenient maintainability. 


Screw air compressor provides stable compressed air output and trustworthy integrated solution to ensure the development of customers' business. 


Screw air compressor features continuous and stable operation so as to achieve low investment and high return.


A portable integrated solution simplifies system installation, operation and maintenance. Therefore, it means lower purchase and maintenance cost.

-Screw air compressor UNI2-300KW

-Power range: 2-300 KW

-Flow range: 0.5-60 m3/min

-Pressure range: 0.4 Mpa-1.3 Mpa