Oil-free air compressor

Oil-free air compressor

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Oil-free air compressors - UNIGY products have the advantage of being compact and simple to construct.

Similar to motors, long-life lubrication and sealed roller bearings can reduce friction in the crank mechanism to a large extent. Therefore there is no oil in the entire compressor, ie an oil-free compressor . Given enough focus and using smaller manufacturing tolerances and high-tech materials, Nanjing Hunter manufactures high-quality compressors for gas compression that are both economical and reliable. Hanter has developed bearings with a patented linkage system that allows the equipment to be replaced for longer periods of time during continuous operation without maintenance and the addition of lubricant.

When process gases are used in the production process, fumes and leaks may be generated during the production process. This has tended to use closed loop systems with gases in production processes and process technologies.

Equipment savings can recover equipment investment costs in the short term.

Such as:

★ inert gas, such as helium, argon or helium;

★ power system SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) gas;

★ Leakage of natural gas in large compression systems;

★Inert gas processing to purify nitrogen;

★ Extract carbon dioxide from supercritical CO2 process

★ Leakage gas accumulated during processing, such as CO carbon monoxide