• Manual chain hoist VL2 Premium

    Manual chain hoist VL2 Premium Manual chain hoist VL2 Premium Category 1/2 - 20 ton lifting capacity Our excellent chain hoist VL2 series is equipped with a specialContact Now

  • 7740B rocker chain hoist

    7740B rocker chain hoist The 7740B rocker chain hoist 7740B pneumatic chain hoist is converted to a production workshop with a load capacity of up to 300 lbs.Contact Now

  • MLK category

    MLK category MLK Series 550 lbs (250 kg) - 2200 lbs (1000 kg) Lifting capacity With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, the MLK seriContact Now

  • Basic type - no controller

    Basic type - no controller The Basic - Controllerless InteLFT@ is designed to be integrated with the handling unit as a compact, integral component that requireContact Now

  • B category balance crane

    B category balance crane Class B Balanced Hanging Ingersoll Rand "B" series balance slings are equipped with NO CONTROLS, designed to incorporate an end effecContact Now

  • 1/4 drive 2101K

    1/4 drive 2101K 1/4 drive 2101K This series has another 3/8" drive, 1/2" drive, 3/4" drive, 1" driveContact Now

  • 3/8 drive 2900

    3/8 drive 2900 3/8" Transmission 2900 Category Overweight This series has another 3/4" drive, 1" drive, 1-1/2"- 3-1/2" drive availableContact Now

  • 1/2 drive 2900

    1/2 drive 2900 1/2" transmission 2900 category overweight This series has another 3/4" transmission, 1" transmission, 1-1/2"- 3-1/2" transmission avContact Now

  • Torque detector

    Torque detector Torque Detector The Ingersoll Rand Professional ETT Torque Detector provides quick and easy calibration of a wide range of hand-held Contact Now

  • Torque analyzer

    Torque analyzer Torque Analyzer Ingersoll Rand's ETA Series of professional torque analyzers are designed for use with a wide range of sensors to dynContact Now

  • Sensor and connector simulator

    Sensor and connector simulator The sensor and connector simulator ETA series offers "fixed sensors that can be attached to the operator's station or to the operatinContact Now

  • Connector set

    Connector set The connector kit is a professional-grade connector set that simulates multiple joints in the operator's station or laboratory and caContact Now

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