Oil pulse tool

Oil pulse tool

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Oil pulse tool

Cleco pneumatic tools are one of Cooper's key brands. Cleco has more than 100 years of experience in fastening technology and has customers all over the world. Thanks to advanced technology, stable operation and convenient operation, the company has been highly evaluated. We offer precise, comprehensive tightening tools for bolt assembly tightening. Can be used in twin screw compressors , twin screw air compressors, etc.!

Cleco pneumatic tool products are:

• Clutch pneumatic tools

•Hydraulic pulse tool

• Open pneumatic tools

• Ratchet pneumatic tools

•Slip tool

• Impact wrench

Cleco pneumatic tools torque range: 0-4000Nm

Cleco tool styles are:

• Gun type

• Straight handle


• Opening


• Built-in sleeve

• Probe type